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    Death to 2020 - Engelsk

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    Death to 2020

    Talking about Jeanette Grace Susan, the "nonofficial White House spokesperson," the body language and communication abilities are excellent. In my opinion, I will classify her as ego, arrogant, and cocky. Even though her body language is more precise than her communication skills, this is an excellent performance. Susan is portrayin g Kellyanne Conway, an American lawyer, politician, and a special adviser for Donald Trump's government.

    The filmmakers used humor/irony with Susan, and she was presented  as a trump supporter that makes it impossible to argue against. In this situation, this will make it uncomfortable and awkward for the people arguing. She is also good at covering and hiding her previous said mistakes by saying: "check your tape, I said no such a thing" or "I choose to believe there's not," which makes it even funnier.

    Furthermore, Dash Bracket is a clown reporter for "The New Yorkerly News" with some types of funny conceptions and metaphors. Dash Bracket will try to make nearly everything and sometimes severe, but he will be portraying Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in this movie. Dash Bracket can be described funny, creative, and self-confident. He also kind of plays a version of himself, where he drops some perfect shades and amusements. The filmmakers used comedy/irony with Dash Bracket to take examples of people he is talking about and compare it with other people. Hence, it makes the metaphor and his own opinion, comical.

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