Blodsukker eksperiment - rapport - engelsk/biologi
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    Blodsukker eksperiment - rapport - engelsk/biologi

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    "Blodsukker eksperiment - karakter 6 - engelsk" er en VELDIG bra oppgave, som tar for seg måling av blodsukkernivåer. 

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    1. Introduction

    In class, we have been learning about the body. A recent topic is blood sugar levels and how it is controlled. In this report the main topic is diet coke vs normal coke, and the theme discussed will be how they affect the blood sugar levels.

    1.1 Research question

    This investigation will conduct a blood sugar experiment to answer the research question, which is, “How does drinking a 500ml beverage of diet coke affect the blood sugar level of two teenage boys over 10-minute intervals during an hour compared to drinking a 500ml beverage of normal coke?”. This question is a very interesting question because there are so many social media and advertisements about how it contains no sugar, making it harder to find the truth. By conducting this experiment, it will be clear whether the advertisements were stating the truth or not.

    1.2 Background information

    Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose that is present in the blood. It is regulated by the hormones, glucagon and insulin (, 2020). When the body has a high blood sugar level, the pancreases releases the hormone insulin which tells the liver and the muscles to absorb the new glucose as glycogen. But when the blood sugar level is low, the pancreas produces another hormone called glucagon. Glucagon does the opposite of insulin and tells the liver and the muscles to turn the previously stored glycogen back to glucose (Zero to finals, 2016). The body needs glucose because glucose is an energy carrier, and our cells need glucose to function (Maria Østerhagen, 2020). (...)

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